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Montauk Beverage is the home of pure and healthy teas and lemonades, founded along the sandy beaches of Eastern Long Island. Our locally owned business operates out of Southampton and emanates the laid back, sunny culture of our beloved neighbor, Montauk. For decades, folks from all over have flocked to this waterside oasis every year for a refreshing escape from the noise and bustle out west. We made it our mission to bring to the masses exceptional and diverse iced teas and lemonades to fit the mood that is summer in Montauk, all year round.

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Reap the Rewards

White tea increases plasma production which then helps protect skin against UV light. Contains antibacterial properties; also known to provide relief from flu-like symptoms and decrease blood pressure.

White Tea

Evidence has shown that antioxidants in black tea may reduce atherosclerosis (hardening or narrowing of arteries), reduce risk of heart attack and boost your metabolism.

Black Tea

Full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea has numerous health benefits. It also aids diabetics in regulating their glucose levels.

Green Tea

Lemon is a great source of an alkaline food that can help balance your body’s natural PH​. Studies also show that it can lower a fever faster and protect against kidney stones.


Stevia is praised as a safe and healthy sugar alternative without the negative health effects linked to refined sugar. It comes with several health benefits, such as reduced calorie intake, blood sugar levels, and risk of cavities.


Fresh Flavors

We created a healthy and satisfying alternative to traditional iced teas and summer beverages. All our uniquely crafted 9 flavors contain little to no sugar, are low in calories, and all natural. Our products are brewed with whole leaf teas sourced from all over the world and we are also Kosher certified! If you have been looking for a delicious Iced Tea without all the sugar, you have found it here! Our beverages are now located across Long Island, NYC, and the greater northeast!

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